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Can I marry in Russia earlier than in 1 month after filing an application?

Pursuant to the Family Code of Russia, to marry, you must file an application at least a month before the planned date of marriage. We are frequently asked by our clients to shorten this period for different reasons (such as soon visa expiration, lack of free time, or just the couple’s wish). Yes, sometimes it is possible, but it is not as easy as it may seem.

Article 11 of the Code prescribes some good reasons giving the right to get married on the same day as you applied for it. It includes “pregnancy, childbirth, immediate threat to the life of one of the parties and other special circumstances”. Pregnancy and childbirth usually do not raise any questions. “Immediate threat to the life” applies to, for example, severe diseases or situations where one of the future spouses is called up for a war.

What about other reasons? We cannot give a precise answer, since the seriousness of each case and each reason is considered by ZAGS (Russian Registry Office) employees individually. There were cases where ZAGS recognized the fact the couple had been living together for long as a good reason. In such cases, different documents can serve as evidence (common child's birth certificate, mortgage contract, where one spouse is the borrower and the other is the co-borrower, etc.). Sometimes if your request will be complied with or not may depend on your luck – one employee would accept your application, while another would not. However, a well-reasoned and professionally done application may significantly increase your chance of success.

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