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I am a Russian attorney and head of a Moscow law firm. Our company have got two main offices, in Moscow and Siberia. Our English speaking lawyers in Russia provide legal services in different fields of Russian law: criminal, business, and civil matters.
If you are in need of legal services in Moscow or all over Russia, do not hesitate to contact us, and our team will do their best to help you.
My life hack for finding best lawyers in Russian law is to get information about their experience in a specific required area and case.
Our solicitors provide services and legal assistance in the described narrow fields and are highly experienced.
So, if you need an English-speaking lawyer in Russia, as well as Russian-speaking lawyers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Kazan, Novosibirskor and other Russian cities, please contact us.
See you at our office.
Russian Attorney Tarasenko Vasiliy

Legal services in Russia from English-speaking lawyers in the field of Russian law

Legal Opinion is an important tool in law that allows the parties to a transaction to obtain a qualified professional opinion from a third party about the subject matter, features, legitimacy of the transaction, and other issues.
Ordering a legal opinion is not only expedient, but crucial when it comes to a foreign national involved or a transaction taking place in an oversea state.
You may need a legal opinion in Russian law in real estate transactions, venture transactions, due diligence, inheritance issues and also in foreign court cases.
We recommend not to neglect advice to have an independent lawyer assess transaction to avoid possible risk.

Russian solicitor Tarasenko Vasiliy

Legal opinion in Russian law

We provide complex of legal services in sphere of Russian law

We work with both organizations and individuals and will protect your legitimate rights in any life situation

We specialize in protection of foreign nationals and companies

Russian attorney speaks English, without a translator
Our Russian solicitors and barristers will protect your rights at any stage of criminal or administrative prosecution, regardless of external circumstances, and will also help with any civil and arbitrational proceedings
The lawyer is independent on government authorities
The lawyer's experience is more than 19 years of real legal practice
Possibility to pay only when the result is achieved
An urgent visit of the lawyer to any part of Russia is possible
We achieve good results through high engagement
Remote consultation from Russian Attorney is possible
We give an honest assessment of the prospects of your case

Our team

Diplomas and certificates of our solicitors
Original Diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Original diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"

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The cost of legal services is specified in the agreement and does not change
We are committed to 100% attorney client's confidentiality
100% refund in case of termination of agreement before legal aid is provided
It's possible to determine half of the attorney's fee on the basis of the achieved result

All guarantees provided by us are written in a Legal Services Agreement

The cost is fixed in the legal agreement
100% money back guarantee
Complete confidentiality
Payment by result

Russian Lawyer VS Russian Advocate - Attorney

What is the difference?
There are a large number of professional lawyers and law firms in Russia and in Moscow, but only a few of them provide legal services for foreigners in English language.
In addition, Russian law firms can consist of both lawyers and professional advocates, or attorneys. And these meanings are not equal.

So, Russian lawyers are divided into just lawyers and professional advocates - attorneys.

A Russian lawyer has a higher legal education and can represent interests in courts on the basis of a «power of attorney», with the exception of criminal cases.
The status of an advocate implies greater legal rights, including the right to defend in criminal cases.

Some people think that they themselves can cope with their problems, since they do not want to spend extra time and money on legal services. Others do not rely on their own experience and strength, and their first reaction to a legal problem that has arisen is to contact people who know how to provide qualified support.

When is it worth using the services of an English-speaking Russian lawyer?

In order to quickly and competently solve any issue or make a decision, it is worth thinking about the possible options and not being overconfident.
A person can turn to a lawyer if he needs help solving legal issues. However, before asking to provide the necessary service, you need to get acquainted with his type of specialty.
A lawyer is a specialist who provides qualified assistance in legal matters to individuals and legal entities.
It is his direct responsibility to be impartial and to fully apply his knowledge and experience in order to help a client in need.
The field of work of lawyers can be very different.

Our law firm employs English-speaking lawyers of the following specializations:

  • Russian lawyer for business: starting business with Russian companies and ligations during execution of contracts;
  • Russian divorce lawyer (family lawyer)
  • Russian criminal defense lawyer
  • Moscow lawyer with English language
If you are a foreigner or represent foreign company and you need an English-speaking corporate lawyer, Russian divorce lawyer ( family lawyer) or Russian defense attorney, you can contact our attorneys in Moscow or another city in Russia.

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