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Arranging the entire purchase and transportation process in Russia, for all kinds of products, from manufacturing equipment to raw materials

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Selling agency services – help with purchasing and delivering goods from Russia abroad

English-speaking lawyer. Experienced for 15 years.
Tarasenko Vasiliy Georgievich
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One of the types of legal services provided by our company is full support of a foreign economic contract; in particular, supply agreement.

You may need our services if, for example, you want to purchase some merchandise in Russia, but its manufacturer does not trade with foreign customers and does not export. In this situation, we act as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer, buying the goods and delivering them to their destination.

These may be everything: mineral fuels (petroleum, coal, and natural gas), precious metal and stone, iron and steel, fertilizers, inorganic chemicals, machinery (forging machines, cutting machines, etc.), chemical reactors, agricultural products.

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Original Diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Original diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"

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The cost of legal services is specified in the agreement and does not change
We are committed to 100% attorney client's confidentiality
100% refund in case of termination of agreement before legal aid is provided
It's possible to determine half of the attorney's fee on the basis of the achieved result

All guarantees provided by us are written in a Legal Services Agreement

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The lawyer speaks English, without a translator
Our main task is to help foreign businesses with overcoming a language barrier on any legal issues
The lawyer is independent on government authorities
The lawyer's experience is more than 19 years of real legal practice
Possibility to pay only when the result is achieved
An urgent visit of the lawyer to any part of Russia is possible
We achieve good results through high engagement
Reviews from Google maps in Moscow
Reviews from real customers
Let the independent lawyer and his team
solve your problems
For over 15 years, we specialize in protection against criminal and administrative prosecution of foreign nationals
years of the lawyer's experience
persons from 19 countries have been protected
Representatives in more than 28 regions of the Russian Federation
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