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Labeling requirements for meat and fish imported into Russia

We already discussed general requirements for labeling of food to be imported into Russia. Today we will talk in more detail about meat and fish.


• the food contains water (in the form of ice, brine, solution, etc.),
• you used meat processing enzymes and their activity is still preserved,
• the food was packed under vacuum or with modified atmosphere involved,
it must be indicated on the label!
○ Do not put the name of complex food additives, as well as marinades and pickles, without indicating the components included in them.
○ Meat in the form of a carcass, half-carcass and quarter must bear an imprint of a veterinary brand. You can also put there the merchandising brand imprint.

Provide the following information in the shipping documents if you are going to have unpackaged slaughter products shipped:

☑ productive animal from which these products were obtained,
☑ product name,
☑ thermal state of carcasses, half carcasses, quarters and cuts ("chilled", "frozen"),
☑ anatomical part of the carcass (for cuts),
☑ manufacturer name and location,
☑ quantity,
☑ manufacture date, expiration date and storage conditions.

If your product has transport and (or) consumer packaging, you can place the above information on it.


Besides general points obligatory for any food, a label for fish should carry the data about:

☑ fishing area
☑ length and weight of the fish (large, medium or small);
☑ cutting type (headless, gutted, a layer, slices, etc.);
☑ processing type (chilled, salted, dried, smoked, frozen, etc.);
☑ salinity degree (low-salted, light-salted, medium-salted, strong-salted);
☑ variety (if any) and category (for frozen fish fillets).
○ If the food you are selling is subject to after-treatment processing, you should mention it as well.
○ If the food contains more than 0.1 mg of vitamins B1 and B2 and more than 2.0 mg of vitamin PP per 100 g, their quantity must be present on the label.

A transport container label must additionally designate:

☑ number of consumer packages;
☑ carload number;
☑ master's name (or number) and stacker's number.


Cans must be artistically designed by lithography or by gluing labels printed on white paper. It may be placed on any surface of the can (body, lid, bottom).

You may also be interested in alcohol and dairy products labeling. To read about it, click here.

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