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How do I get my money back after a scam?

It’s often the case that people make friends with swindlers and scammers online who, through deceit or abuse of trust, try to capitalize on unsuspecting victims.

It’s very difficult to return money if it was sent to a scammer. You must prove the deception was committed, and sometimes this is basically impossible.

If, nevertheless, you transferred your money to a scammer’s card, you can start negotiating with a lawyer and ask to voluntarily pay back, or contact the police.


You can post information on social networks with the scammer’s card number and name and briefly describe the situation.

If the money was sent to the scammer's account, don’t hesitate to write or call the bank's hotline. Be sure to visit the bank branch to file an application, attaching all the documents that can be regarded as evidence.


If the attempts to negotiate led nowhere, you should report the crime. In the report, indicate everything you know: when it happened, card number where you made the payment to, holder’s name, IP address.

Reporting a crime can result in success if you have any documentary evidence!

How events may unfold next:

- The holder of the card that you sent the money to will be questioned
- The officers will analyze what evidence there is and whether corpus delicti is present
- If the evidence is enough, they’ll make an accusation against the scammer

If not, known information about that person allows you to file a civil lawsuit in civil proceedings (regardless of the investigators’ decision)

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