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Top 10 lies romance scammers tell to get your money

Top 10 scammer`s methods to lure out your money.
Trying to find your Ms. Right on the social networks, always remember such sites are a habitat for fraudsters, which are ready to tell their target any lie to trick him or her into sending them money. Of course nobody’s going to return it.

In our practice, we’ve defended lots of foreigners who fell victim to Russian scammers; usually the perpetrators managed to lure out from 2,500 to 25,000 USD (!), and sometimes even more.

In this article, we’ll talk about girls, because these are girls who more often deceive victims into false relationships, but it of course doesn't mean young men never commit such crimes.

Here are our top-10 lies scammers tell to steal your money, based on our experience:

• The first thing the scammer will ask you for is money to obtain a PASSPORT to leave the country. Getting an international passport in Russia costs $25-60. However, they will be likely to ask you for 400-600.

VISA to leave the country. Its cost is about $200, but girls usually demand approximately 1000 USD.

AIR TICKETS. Since you can easily check the cost of tickets, here you will be asked for the real cost.

ILLNESS OF RELATIVES - grandma, mom, brothers, etc. At some point in your communication at a distance, all the girl’s family members will most likely “get ill”, or even she herself. Documents from the hospital are also not a problem - they'll be made in Photoshop.

So finally your love interest’s going to the airport. But here the most interesting things happen.

DEBTS. She’ll tell you she needs to pay off her loan to leave the country.

FINES. Your fiancée will suddenly turn out to have unpaid fines.

DEBTS OF PARENTS. Yes, this is complete nonsense, but a cybercriminal may demand money for this, and try to convince you that because of this debts, she isn’t allowed out of the country.

RELICS. The girl was detained at the airport with her family heirloom, for example an icon, and she urgently needs to pay a fine, or they’ll put her in jail.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. The girl allegedly had some kind of prohibited substance and she hadn’t known that it wasn’t allowed to transport it.

PRISON. In this case, another person (sister or mother, or any other family member) calls or writes to you and says that you need to send money to release your sweetheart from prison.

In the end, when the perpetrator feels their victim started to strongly suspect her of deceiving, and there’s nothing else to get here, she, as a rule, manufactures her death to avoid legal prosecution. However, a Russian lawyer can check if the death certificate sent by "her mom" is real.

If you think you might be dating a scammer, contact us and we’ll check your online interest:

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